Selected Statements & Advices of the Pious



Don't Backbite!

" I prefer giving up backbiting to spending the entire world and whatever it contains in the path of Allah."
 (Wuhayb ibn Ward Makki)
Backbiting is to talk about somebody in their absence, in a way that they would dislike if they were present.
This is a major sin in Islam. Backbiting has been equated to eating the flesh of a dead brother in the Qur'an Majeed.
Backbiting leads to ill feeling and enmity amongst individuals of a community.
The perpetrators of this sin will be punished severely in the hereafter.
To refrain from backbiting is fardh (compulsory) whilst spending in charity is nafl (optional), therefore if given the choice between the two those who have a proper understanding of Islam would take the first choice.
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