Islam Awareness & Education Centre

Ar-Rahmah Academy is based in Chorley, Lancashire.

Chorley is a small market town with a population of approximately 50,000. There are some 200 Muslim households, mainly from the Indian sub-continent and also some from the Middle-East.

The academy was established in 2004 under the auspices of the eminent scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (hafizahullahu). The aim of the Academy is to engender a better understanding and awareness of the teachings of Islam amongst the general community.

In the initial stages, the earliest activities of the academy were carried out in local houses.

Within three years of the establishing the Academy, there was an increasing demand from the community for the services the Academy was offering. The local houses were now no longer suitable, and moving to larger premises became imperative.

And so in 2008, to meet these growing needs of the community and to expand the work of the Academy, a suitable property was purchased.

Our Services:

Lessons in the commentary (Tafseer) of the Holy Qur’an in the English languag

After school Islamic classes for children aged 4 plus

Part time Aalimah course for girls and boys (an in depth study of the Islamic sciences

Hifz class for the boys and girls(memorization of the Holy Qur’an

Tuition Service

Classes and gatherings for ladieS

Publication and free distribution of authentic Islamic literature

The Academy is serving the community through various activities and has many plans for the future. We would like you to become part of something special!

Our Appeal:

To render and further the services of the Academy, a suitable property was purchased. The property was renovated to comply with building regulations. By the Grace of Allah, the Academy now serves all sections of the Muslim community through various activities.

How your donations will benefit you:

By donating you are playing your part in safeguarding and propagating Islam

Spending in charitable causes is a means of barakah in this world

You will gain everlasting reward in the Hereafter

Spending in charity wards off calamities


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